Top 10 Stocks for 2020

    If I had $10,000 to invest in just 10 stocks, these are the first 10 stocks I'd consider right now...

    Fellow Investor,


    Looking out toward 2020, there’s a lot of uncertainty for investors to consider.


    The election. An ongoing US-China trade war. The chance of a US recession.


    There’s also the stock market itself. The S&P 500 is sporting a P/E ratio that is much higher than its long-term average.


    With all of that in play, it’s vitally important to look for wonderful businesses trading at attractive valuations.


    Well, that brings us to my top 10 stock ideas for 2020!


    All 10 stocks I've identified are high-quality dividend growth stocks that are positioned for a fantastic 2020. I say that after considering fundamentals, competitive advantages, risks, and valuation.


    While there are no guarantees as to how these stocks will perform for investors, I can say that I’m walking the walk: I’m personally invested in all 10 of these stocks...


    • Stock #1: This is one of the highest-quality businesses in the world. It's a prototypical dividend growth stock that continues to consistently pump out higher dividends year in and year out.  
    • Stock #2: This REIT has increased its dividend for 10 consecutive years, boosting its payout by an average of 8.8% each year over the past 10 years. Investors should see right now as an opportunity to build a position and lock in its monstrous and well-covered 5.8% dividend yield.
    • Stock #3: This is a dividend growth stalwart. You're looking at a market-beating yield backed by one of the best dividend growth legacies in existence. 
    • Stock #4: This company sells a high-margin, addictive product in a market with extremely high barriers to entry. These high-yield shares -- which pay 5.6% at recent prices -- look like a no-brainer investment right now. 
    • Stock #5: This company has increased its dividend nine consecutive years already, increasing its payout an average of 20.1% each year for the past 10 years. And there's a lot of room for more where that came from. 
    • Stock #6: This stock is one of my best long-term ideas, but 2020 might be a real breakout year. 
    • Stock #7: This might be one of the most undervalued stocks in the entire market. The company has already increased its dividend for 25 consecutive years, and with a 10-year dividend growth rate of 10.7% and a payout ratio of 27.3%, shareholders should be able to count on sizable dividend increases for years to come.  
    • Stock #8: This is the kind of stock you buy with the intention of holding forever. Just let shares continue to build wealth and passive income for you while you go about your life. 
    • Stock #9: There's easy potential for this stock to deliver a 37% total return in 2020. But I'm with Warren Buffet: This stock looks like a fantastic long-term investment. 
    • Stock #10: 2020 might be a great year for this stock. But I think the next 20 years could be even better. 

    If you're ready to learn the names and ticker symbols of all 10 of these stocks, and to get my analysis on why right now could be a great time to buy them, you can place an order for my special report below.


    As I reveal in Top 10 Stocks for 2020, the coming year could be just the start of a long runway for growing profit, increasing dividends, and happy shareholders for decades to come.


    Top 10 Stocks for 2020

    All 10 stocks featured in this report are high-quality, dividend growth stocks with above average yields and attractive valuations...

    • High-Quality Businesses: These stocks have excellent fundamentals and durable competitive advantages. 

    • History of Dividend Growth: These stocks have strong histories of paying increasing amounts of income.

    • Above Average Yield: These stocks pay dividend yields higher than the broader market.

    • Attractively Valued: These stocks appear undervalued at the time of publication. 

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